Market Making Bot

Market makers are the best friend of every exchange or crypto project. Now you can trade easily on the spread as well, and make the markets. A win-win for everybody.


Market Making Explained by blockline

What is Market Making? Why are Market Makers important for exchanges and projects? Learn everything you need to know in this video. Market Making is one of blockline's most important features.

Market maker

Intuitive drag & drop order book.

Market trends change, so does your trading strategy. Automatically switch between strategies with different market trends. Use indicators to recognize market trends, and configure different trading strategies per market trend.

Market maker

Automatic Market Making with different strategies.

Markets change fast, so you need to be able to change your order price fast. Click on the buy/sell signs the create an order, drag and drop it to the desired place in the order book when things change.

Market maker

Advanced configurations

Configure your market maker like never before. Cancel orders automatically with different configurations per market trend, set stop-losses on filled orders and revert orders automatically.

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